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Grant Programs



Revenue from Florida's Interest on Trust Accounts (IOTA) program is the chief source of support for the Foundation’s grant programs. Other support comes from donations from lawyers, including contributions to the Children's Legal Services Campaign on the annual Florida Bar Fee Statement, and other individuals, law firms, foundations and corporations, and, from time to time, cy pres awards.

Foundation grant funds are calculated from IOTA revenue, grants and donations, and investment income received in the previous 12 months, less operating expenses for the same period. The Foundation board allocates grant funds annually to the three Florida Supreme Court approved uses of IOTA funds:

Grant programs have separate Foundation committees that recommend eligibility criteria, funding policies and individual funding decisions for action by the full Foundation board.

Florida Bar Foundation Grantmaking Policy


Total Grants Awarded in Most Recent Fiscal Year

Free Civil Legal Assistance for the Poor (LAP) $11,708,141
Improvements in the Administration of Justice (AOJ) $501,117

2012 Legal Assistance for the Poor Annual Report Overview

For the complete 2012 Legal Assistance for the Poor Annual Report and other Foundation reports and publications, visit our Resources page.

Giving Opportunities

Fellows are life members of The Florida Bar Foundation; core supporters who believe in the value of justice and the importance of the Foundation’s leadership and charitable programs. If you haven’t already done so, please consider making your Fellows pledge.

IOTA Program Information

The Interest on Trust Accounts (IOTA) program was implemented by the Florida Supreme Court in 1981. The nation’s first IOTA program, it serves as a model for similar programs across the country and creates millions of dollars in funding for Legal Aid each year. Learn more.